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Monday, November 14

kenangan yang ingin aku kongsi

cakap pasal SPM....
aku teringat kat secondary school aku....
and guess what,
after searching high and low,
i finally found my pictures in school! *curik from my physics teacher : mr.Tam*
enjoy the pictures friend!

in this picture, li ting, me, lady and chua zi yuan

during sports day... homaigad! i'm ugly!! but what the hell la kan...
like i care what haters thinks... :D

after marching..... what a lovely time! 

before marching... my face was sooooooo tense... i wonder why...
couldn't recall whats going on lah... =.="

and in the end, we started to march, and i smile widely....
i guess i was tense due to the weather + super duper tired! hahhhaahhaha!

my school!!!! somehow the form 4 building isn't here...
this is the perspective from form 4 building... -.-"
ouh how i miss this place!

physics class is the best!
mr.tam are the most cheerful teacher la!
cool je!
student friendly some more!

last but not least,
observe the boys hand...
they were naughty!
and i guess maybe they still is...
hahaha ^^

that's all for now!

notakukukaki : i miss my secondary school memories as much as i miss my primary school life too! huuuuuuu! >.<


YOUsoF said...

Tiba² aku pun rindu zaman sekolah dulu..

Tak ramai melayu, sekolah mana tu ek?

Lupa nak taip baju biru bunga² tu sangat cool! ;P

ayiehulk said...

hikhikhik.. betol2... rindu abes ngan zaman skulah menengah...

mmg x ramai melayu sekolah tu.. banyak cina ja.. name solah tu Smk tinggi st.david... kat melaka.. ;)

hihi, baju tu asl nye biru kosong je.. tp kitorg pergi cat kan bagi ade bunga2 mcm kat hawii... hihi...
kretip x? menang perarakan mase ni ouh... >.<

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