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Friday, April 8

i love you so much!

life may be hard,
but i'll always be the one you can  
rely on,
the you can lean on,
the one that would lend a shoulder to you...
i promise...
you might not love me as i do,
but i'll always love you....
when there is a lot of things that tries 
to separate us apart..
i promise i'll never leave you...
its been so hard for me to get you...
its been so hard for me to get your heart,
thus, i wish, only let the death do us apart...

baby, yeah, you may be have the reason for leaving me,
dying could be the thing that we afraid the most...
but, believe me...
i'll never break down when you 're gone...
believe me i'll be able to moves on when you're gone...
but, promise me,
you'll never leaves me alone without 
all the sweetest memories that i could keep
in my heart till death do me and life apart...

love, yes, you might be running away...
you might be hiding away...
but believe,
i'll never let you go!
i promise, i'll find you no matter what....
remember that and keep it in your heart!
i'll NEVER EVER gonna let you go!

when you stay still,
lean to the trees behind you,
all i would do is,
looking in your eyes,
memorizing your face,
listen to your tears,
and i promise i'll never waste the left over time that
we ever have....

when you are just my past?
i'll  move on and get my stupid happiness again...
but somehow,
as time pass by,
my brain have forgotten to function how to make me forget...
knock my head,
slam the door,
get wild,
go on vacation,
but only one thing that remain in my head...
our sweetest memories when u left me..
from the beginning till the end...
i miss you and i mean it~ <3


okeh! sangat x senonoh jiwang nye di atas tue...
aku x de bf yang nak amti ye~
x de bf yang saket...
dan x de bf yang pasti nye skarang..
plz la..
its hard to believe someone's love nowadays..
moral of the story is,
smalam katam r aku tengok this drama
cm tue la skit lbeh kurang ayat nye dlm bahasa korea...
btw, cerita nye
mengisahkn seorang lelaki dan seorang perempuan
yang hanya mengaku sayang2 cintan2..
bila lelaki tue da menemui ajal nye...
mmg sedih la..
tapi aku tak lah nanges cm cerita 'TREES OF HEAVEN'
terime kasih r kat lalat duda kn.. 
ye r, semmgnye cerita tu sedeh...
di tambah heartbreak ngan dye yang kecurangan..
see, told ya! its hard to have believe in some people loves
these days.....
thats all i think today...
and, not to forget,
enjoy the picxa below~~~

an animal that i like the most,
name it, house cat,
wild cat, left over cat,
big cat,
jungle cat,
black cat,
white socks cat...
I'll still love it compare to anything.... ngee... >.<
<3 <3 <3

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