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Thursday, March 3


as sweet as candy?

as hot as the flames?

as gorgeous as angie?

as sexy as her lips?

as tough as the rock?

name it! you score it all!
yes! i was in LOVE with your looks..
i WAS in love..
that is so NOT for now...
its not that i hate rejection
its simply i like you too MUCH!
i hate to see you with FANS
and for that now,
i declare, to you whom name my love!
who i hate 
who i use to love
if you ever think of making me one of your fans.
get over it!
you're ain't longer ma type! 


penuLis x berTauLiah said...

gimme ur love babe

ayiehulk said...

x mo... aku nak kedekut lovey dovey ngan ko! :p

iklan nuffnage