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Thursday, February 10

biarkan aku~~~

bila kita pernah di luka
hati kita akan terluka,.
dan bila dah terluka kita akan sedaye nye melupakan si pesalah..
lazim hidup...
what goes aroud comes aroud..
si pesalah akan kembalii..
melutut, merayu kembali (dem!)
namun, mase tue hati dah tertutup..
ye masih ade lagi dia dlam ingatan...
tapi di saat hati terluke ape yang di mahu hanyalah
dia  pergi dari dalam hayalan ini...

thus, enjoy this song.. (sangat x berkaitan~~ +..+")


Let me pretend that you're still by my side
Let me say things that I know you'll never hear
Let me feel that I still have some pride
Then let me just wipe the escaped tears
Let me say your name once more aloud
For your mocking ghost around me to hear
Let me laugh at my illusions and scream out
Here's a fool left with no heart nor a future
Just let me Let me alone in my reality
And let me Let me chase your shadow in my dream
Keep on dying in your life Reminiscing all your lies Let me Just let me be
Let me treasure those moments shared together
Please don't let me stain my memories with tears
If you must just fade away with the summer
Let there be no more spring in my coming year
(Repeat chorus)
If only one day you'll just come to me
Say straight to my face how much you hate me
So that I can stop thinking of you
And all that we've been through
So let me be Just let me be
Just let me 
Let me fly up with my broken wings
And let me
Let me bleed until I finally heal
Keep on trying to survive
Within all this love inside
Let me Just let me be
Just let me
Kill you in my mind
Don't you be
No more in my eyes
Just let me
Kill you in my mind
Don't you be Don't you be No more

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