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Monday, February 9


1.Do you think you’re hot?

2.Upload favourite picture of you.

it's me n sis huh^^

3.Why do you like that picture?
dunno...juz simply love it

4.When was the last time you ate pizza?
eh...last year i guess..

5.The last song you listened to?
pari-pari dibawah angin...gila suka M.U.H bha...

6.What are you doing right now besides this?
watch look out 4 new indie songs~~

7.What name would you prefer besides yours?
roslan rusli..ehheh..Lan M.U.H~~~suke tol kat dier^^

8.People I’m tagging

9.Who is number 1?
*-*...she's ermm...dunno lah..

10.Who is number 3 is having relationship with?

11.Say something about number 5.

12.How about number 4?

13.Who is number 2?
...........ngeheheh..kak aq yg ppaling bola..hahahhah~~~jgn mare..

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